Members of The Justis Group understand the issues of today's modern workplace and work closely with clients to identify and create successful solutions for a variety of human resource and organizational development needs. From sales training to conflict resolution to enhancing communication skills, our staff can help your company increase sales, build customer loyalty, instill employee pride in their work, and improve bottom-line results.

Meri Justis

As owner and president of The Justis Group, Meri Justis provides engaging corporate management and staff development training for companies throughout the Northwest. Drawing from her master’s degree in Human Resources, 25 years’ experience in the corporate world and many years as a successful business consultant, coach and trainer, Meri shares tools and insights needed for success.

Her corporate management experience derives from a solid background in manufacturing and retail operations. For twelve years, Meri served as the Sales and Marketing Manager for a world-wide PVC pipe manufacturer, where, in addition to her sales and supervisory responsibilities, she conducted communication skills training, developed train-the-trainer and recruitment programs, and managed selection-process training throughout the entire organization. She also developed self-directed work teams and middle-management information forums.

Meri is a progressive thought leader that shows companies and teams how to think differently to generate new behaviors and ultimately create organizational change.

How We Are Different From Other "Training" Companies

Our programs from Integrity Solutions are copyrighted learning processes and are specifically oriented toward behavior change, not merely education or intellectual learning. The objective is to help people understand and identify what appropriate and desirable behaviors are, and then to develop them as automatic, subconscious responses. There are several critical success factors that must be part of a training process to ensure positive and effective results.

Four distinct factors that separate us from typical training companies:

1. Follow-up

Each of our core programs includes up to 18 follow-up sessions for continuous learning and reinforcement versus "event" or one-time training sessions. This means behavior change!

2. Self Leveling / Self Customizing

Our programs include principle-based processes, so they apply to experienced and inexperienced people alike. The unique "real-play" and discovery learning components allow participants to personalize and take ownership of the principles taught. They grow at their own level.

3. Managers Coaching

Leadership must drive the ongoing process with their active involvement and be accountable for supporting, modeling and coaching the behaviors being taught. The coaching module leverages the investment and makes the learning process last well beyond the classroom. It equips managers to continue the growth process and to better manage the motivation and internal potential of people. They can become "people builders."

4. Affects Inner Dimensions

Our learning processes focus on the inner issues that affect people's performance, such as values, achievement drive, ethics, commitment and attitude. When these issues are in congruence, performance accelerates!