Credit Unions

A values-driven sales process customized for Credit Unions

In order to respond to the needs of this rapidly changing market, the Integrity Selling: The Member Advantage® course has been customized for today’s changing Credit Union market.

Grounded in a Statement of Values and Ethics, the Integrity Selling: The Member Advantage® curriculum embodies the following:

Integrity Selling: The Member Advantage® is typically conducted by your in-house facilitators, with strong management involvement and supportive coaching throughout the process. Integrity trainers are available upon request.

  • Testimonial

    “Because of Integrity Selling, I’ve not only increased my membership base but, for the first time, I approach all sales opportunities with confidence. No longer do I 'sell'. I listen and serve the needs of my members and their employees.”—Jim Craft, Director of Lending – Oregon Community Credit Union